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- ETH in contract. - tokens in circulation.


Tokens(THC) - (- USD)
Dividends (ETH) - (- USD)


(last ref: 0x0 )

You are currently hodling enough tokens to run a Masternode!
You receive 5% of the total purchasing amount if someone buys tokens using your masternode!


Unit = Ethereum

Due to Eth Network Congestion, please use more than 2 gwei gas prices or check

Ether Gasstation

1234 ETH / token
- tokens received

17% dividend fee + 3% fund fee upon buying


Unit = Tokens.

Remember to check your book profit before selling this valuable coin.

Don't you want to HODL it just a little while longer...?

1234 ETH / token
- ETH received

17% dividend fee + 3% fund fee upon selling


Unit = Tokens

Behold! Transfering tokens automatically withdraws your dividends to your account for free! What a great service.

Type in a valid address and token amount..

!! 0% Transfer fee!!

HODL responsibly. Dont drink and crypto.