What is happening?

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Wing Commander


Wing Commander

Commander Pot: - ETH

How to conquer?

There is a total of 8 Carriers. Build all Carriers first (only 1 per address). Carriers enable you to win ETH, the more the longer a round lasts.

Now you can send Drones to conquer Etherea (1 per minute). When sending a Drone, it will become part of the squad and replaces the oldest Drone

What's so special about the game?
It's a lottery with much higher win chance. Even if your Drone does not win upon sending, it will become part of the squad. This means you still have the chance to win the Drone pot. And you are allowed to be part of the squad multiple times!

Upon winning, the last sent Drone becomes next Wing Commander. Being Wing Commander enables you to win a very big pot!


Pot: - ETH

Drones built: -

Carriers built: -/8


Drones sent: -

Vault: - ETH



1: Nobody

2: Nobody

3: Nobody

4: Nobody

5: Nobody

6: Nobody

7: Nobody

8: Nobody

Carrier Pot: - ETH

Cost 0.075 ETH

Drone Squad


Drone 1


Drone 3


Drone 2


Drone 4

Drone Pot: - ETH

Cost 0.01 ETH